Warrior Coal presents tax check to county


The last decade has been a rough one for area coal miners, but for the moment at least, things are looking up for Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP). While presenting their tax check to the Hopkins County Fiscal Court on Tuesday, company representatives announced that Warrior Coal is currently looking to hire between 50 and 60 new miners.

The coal market has changed considerably, just in the past few months said Joel Bradley, assistant general manager of Warrior Coal, a subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, which operates the Cardinal mine, an underground mine near Madisonville. With the global energy crisis going on right now, he stated, Asia and Europe are both starving for natural gas. In 2020, the price was $3, it has nearly doubled within the past year. When gas gets above $3.50 in Kentucky and the Midwest, it is much cheaper to generate energy with coal, making the demand for coal very high right now.

“In 2020 there was roughly 3.5 million salable tons of coal. We are looking to increase to 4.2 million for 2021, and increase to 4.6 million in 2022,” Bradley said.

Warrior Coal currently employs 433 miners, but are looking to bring those new employees on board as soon s possible, bringing their total up to 480 to 490. Job fair signs are littered throughout Madisonville, letting the community know that they are eagerly looking for people to work.

According to Kim Humphrey with ARLP, hiring for new and experienced miners isn’t restricted to just Warrior.

“All of our mines are trying to hire more people and increase production,” she said. “We’ve started working some Saturdays just because of that.”

During the meeting ARLP presented the court with their annual tax check, which totaled $823,000, with nearly $700,000 coming from Warrior.

“To say it has been a challenging year is an understatement,” said Bradley. “We were very much looking forward to 2021, and we are now very much looking forward to 2022.”

“Way over $2 million comes directly from the coal company to Hopkins County. Alliance is the largest taxpayer in the entire state of Kentucky, and we are glad to be apart of the growth in the community. That is who we are, we are a community company.” stated Humphrey.

The Hopkins County Health Department visited the jails to administer roughly 45 COVID vaccines, both first shots and boosters, to the inmate population. Roughly 10-12 staff members also received the shot and the booster. There have not been any active cases of COVID in the jail system within the past three weeks. The current headcount as of the morning of November 2, is 365 inmates.


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