Tea Association of India asks govt to look into paucity of coal in tea estate


Tea Association of India (TAI) has requested union ministry of Commerce & Industry to look into the paucity of coal in tea estate.

The organization in a representation to the ministry stated about the current precarious situation prevalent in Tea Industry of North East India which covers the states of Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim due to non availability of coal and surge in prices of coal.

TAI stated North East India constitutes 80% tea production of India. Almost all of the manufacturing process of tea requires consumption of energy. More or less 79% of tea production of North East India depends on conventional fuel mainly coal. Requirement of coal is 1.125 kgs for making of per kg made tea. Furthermore the production of coal in Assam has been hampered due to the reported cause of the Forest Deptt having cancelled lease to the NEC (North Eastern Coalfield).

The organization stated the present requirement of coal in Tea growing areas of North East India is therefore primarily being met from Asansol/ Raiganj coalfield and coal imported from Indonesia.The months of October and November witnesses a production of 263-265 M.kgs of crop in North East India.

TAi added the paucity of coal has caused severe distortion in the market value of available coal to the extent that the cost of per Tonne of Coal has shot up from 10000/- per MT to Rs. 19500/ MT.

This Association would like to seek assistance support in making available adequate coal supply to the North East India’s Tea Estates so that non availability of coal do not cause disruption in Production in manufacturing of Tea.


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