Striking Alabama Coal Miners Return to NYC; 34K Kaiser Permanente Workers Poised


In labor news, striking Alabama coal miners returned to New York City this week to bring their protest to the offices of hedge fund BlackRock, the largest shareholder of Warrior Met Coal. Six rallygoers were arrested during a peaceful sit-in protest. One thousand members of the United Mine Workers of America have been on strike for over seven months. This is union leader Brian Sanson.

Brian Sanson: “The same executives ran the company into bankruptcy, ran it into the ground; bought nonunion mines that lost millions of dollars; misled investors; cut benefits off to 2,500 retirees; cheated the pension plan out of a billion dollars; cut workers’ wages by $6 an hour; eliminated future healthcare, future pensions for these workers; and all while asking — and getting — bonuses from the bankruptcy court.”

Meanwhile, 34,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers on the West Coast have authorized a strike starting November 15, unless their demands for fair pay and staffing are met.


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