Russo a better choice than Carey for District 15


I’m writing in support of Allison Russo, the Democratic Candidate for Congress for the 15th district special election on November 2nd. Allison has ably served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives for the 24th District since 2018. Russo worked her way up through college to earn a Doctorate in Public Health Policy. Along with being a wife of a veteran and mother of three young children, Allision worked as a healthcare consultant for Government policymakers before becoming a member of the Ohio House. There, she serves on several committees including Health, Finance, Families, Aging and Human Services, and the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee. 

Allison supports investing in transportation, broadband, utilities, schools, and affordable housing. She wants to ensure that our loved ones have access to healthcare, childcare, and treatment for substance use disorders — especially during this troubling time. Anyone who has talked with Allison or watched her in action, knows that she is sharp, articulate and willing to advocate for workers and families. Allison has keen common sense and demonstrates rational and reasonable critical thinking skills. She opposes extremist policies that hurt our district and state. 

In contrast, her opponent, Mike Carey, is a career coal industry lobbyist who was president of the Ohio Coal Industry Association for 9 years. He works for Murray Energy (renamed American Consolidated Natural Resources, Inc.) as vice president of government affairs (AKA lobbyist). Carey has a history of spreading disinformation about climate change, denying the environmental impacts of coal waste, favoring subsidies for coal companies costing Ohioans millions of dollars a year in tax revenue, and opposing the creation of well paying green energy jobs. Bankruptcy proceedings Murray Energy, contributed to the dark money slush fund Generation Now. Generation Now financially supported the career of (since expelled) Ohio Republican House Leader Larry Householder, in exchange for Householder promoting HB 6, a bill that gave large subsidies to nuclear plants, and provided handouts to a struggling coal plant and key customer of Murray Energy. On his watch, an Ohio mining company declared bankruptcy forcing the union to pick up retiree’s pension. They just walked away. Let’s walk away from Carey. In LinkedIn, he wrote, “My passion truly lies in exploring and advocating for energy issues affecting the coal mining business at both the state and national levels.”

Why would Carey leave a cushy corporate job for far lower congressional pay?


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