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An accident involving smoke at a mine in Siberia has injured at least 45 people, while at least six of the 49 remaining underground have died, Russian officials said on Thursday. 

The Emergencies Ministry said that 237 miners had been brought to the surface and that rescue work at the Listvyazhnaya coal mine in the Kuznetzk Basin was ongoing.

The Kemerovo region governor, Sergei Tsivilev, reported the six fatalities, having earlier spoken of just one. In a statement, he said four of the injured were in a serious condition.

Another “informed” source later told Interfax news agency, however, that 10 people had been killed.

Workers carrying injured miners out of a mine

The Listvyazhnaya mine (archive photo) was the site of another deadly accident in 2004

Russia’s mining industry sees accidents fairly regularly, mostly as a result of poor safety standards and aging equipment. 

An accident in 2010 at the largest Russian coal mine, the Raspadskaya mine in Siberia, killed 91 people and injured more than 100.

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