On why we’ll go to the mattresses to save Callan Park


It had to happen. Nimbyism has been weaponised by the culture vultures. First, it was the developers who would heap shame on those who didn’t want to share their backyard. Now the creatives are doing it.

First, we love culture. We love creatives. Without them we are like that planet that Dr Who visited: a perfectly run economy with great GDP and green, but no humans. Why? Because humans are inefficient, but brilliant as fertiliser.

We want the whole of our cities and regional towns and rural villages to be hopping with life and fun. It’s a love of life and joy that will get us to our Moonshot – net zero by 2030. Not fear. Not shame.

Like the taxi driver said back in the days when we all did taxis instead of Ubers, “I come from a former eastern European communist country. When I tell people that, they say they feel sorry for me; no freedom; just one television station broadcasting the party line day and night. I say, how wrong they are. It was great that we had only one TV station because every night we would all gather together to have fun. We sang songs, we danced, we wrote poetry and performed plays. None of us had much money, but we had cheap housing, enough food and health and education all paid for. The only thing left to do was have fun.”

Oh capitalism, how badly you have driven us down the path of unrighteousness.  How you have fooled us that 500 channels on tele is a good thing. (No one warned us that it would all be game shows and Midsomer Murders ad infinitum.)

Now after lockdown has ended and released with it all the bats in the cave, all at once, all bursting with crazed pangs of longing and loss and pent up adrenaline that for two years has had nowhere to go, and when it did, got knocked back inside like the victim of a classic bully turning on kindness and horror in alternate unpredictable ways, we start to get all the batshit crazy ideas coming out of the closet.


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