NTEC takes on coal mining operations at Navajo Mine


A dragline removes a layer of earth to get to coal in the Dixon Pit on Aug. 1, 2019 at Navajo Mine.

FARMINGTON — The mining manager of Navajo Mine has changed from North American Coal Company to the Navajo Transitional Energy Company after the facility’s contract mining agreement ended on Sept. 30.

NTEC transitioned into the management role on Oct. 1.

“Our business has grown and developed to a point where it is no longer necessary for NTEC to utilize a contractor miner at Navajo Mine,” company CEO Clark Moseley said a news release.

North American Coal, through its subsidiary Bisti Fuels Company, signed a 15-year contract with NTEC, which owns Navajo Mine, in December 2015 and started managing in January 2017.

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The open-pit mine is located on the Navajo reservation south of Fruitland and is the sole supplier of coal to the Four Corners Power Plant.


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