LETTER: The reality of climate change


The reality of climate change is now absolutely clear. These past two weeks, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency data show that we had the worst air quality ever on record, prompting health warnings for residents to stay indoors across the state. Yet it was Gov. Walz’s same agency that signed off on the massive new Line 3 pipeline across Minnesota – a decision that doubles down on our addiction to climate-polluting tar sands for decades to come.

Great River Energy is also adding to the carbon in the air by bringing the electricity from North Dakota’s Coal Creek lignite coal plant to Minnesota.

Climate change has multiplied the number of large wildfires on our continent. Bad air is especially dangerous for children with asthma and people with respiratory conditions. A crippling drought impacts our rivers and farmlands across the state. We need to ask President Biden to direct the Corps of Engineers to revoke Line 3 permits.

We need to send comments to the MN Public Utilities Commission to deny Coal Creek permits.

With the evidence in front of us, it is obvious what we must do: transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable and equitable energy as quickly as possible. To do otherwise condemns our loved ones, neighbors, and future generations to a frightening and deadly future.


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