Indiana one of 10 states that emit the most carbon in the U.S.


In case you hadn’t heard, the earth is doomed. Apocalyptic statement aside, hundreds of top scientists from across the globe released a report last month on the danger that human-caused climate change poses to the world. 

The United Nations report called it a “code red for humanity.” 

And the cause, according to the report, is pretty clear: Carbon dioxide is the main driver of climate change, along with other greenhouse gases. To turn the tide for the future, the scientists stressed the need to reduce and ultimately eliminate those emissions. 

But where are those emissions coming from? That’s exactly what Greg from Indianapolis wants to know. For this installment of the Scrub Hub, we will be looking at how much of the U.S. carbon emissions come from Indiana. 

To answer these questions, we’ve looked at some federal data and talked with some experts on how Indiana’s gases stack up against other states. Hint, we emit a lot.


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