Dan Bongino: Biden is the Grinch who stole Christmas


Dan Bongino revealed how the Biden administration’s policies are ruining Christmas Saturday on ‘Unfiltered.’

DAN BONGINO: If you’ve been a regular viewer of this show, you know I’ve been warning you about how everything the Biden administration touches, it burns to the ground. Everything. But is it possible, could they possibly even screw up Christmas? … We have the holiday seasons rapidly approaching, and even though it’s been a rough year or two, it’s always a time of joy. But leave it to the Biden administration grinches to ruin it for everyone. 

These guys are really talented, this Biden administration, at screwing things up. They have a 100% success rate at failure. It’s amazing, it’s like a skill. They’re so good at failing. 

So, as a note of gratitude to them, I’d like to offer them a gift for Christmas. You earned it. Joe, Peppermint Patty there, Fauci. Here it is: it’s coal! Well, actually it’s charcoal. See that? Because I can’t even afford real coal, so I had to go with charcoal…I can’t even afford actual coal, because they’ve ruined the coal industry too.



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