Coal plant owner looks to purchase land | Times News


Published September 25. 2021 07:25AM

A coal-burning facility in Nesquehoning is looking to purchase the land that the business was built on.

On Tuesday, the Carbon County Planning Commission recommended plan approval for a proposed subdivision between Kovatch Enterprise Inc. and Panther Creek Partners, the co-generation plant off Dennison Road. The plant was recently sold to Stronghold Digital Mining, a company formed in Venango County earlier this year that mines cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

The plan calls for subdividing 148.99 acres into three lots and then taking 69.103 acres that was subdivided and combine it with a second lot to create a new 84.123-acre plot; as well as a 20.004-acre lot.

On Wednesday, Nesquehoning Borough Council President David Hawk, who is employed at Panther Creek, said that the subdivision is because the property that the plant is located on is leased from Kovatch Enterprises and this action would allow for the sale of that part of land to Panther Creek.

A borough planning commission meeting on the matter is set to be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, but borough council voted to give the plan approval Wednesday night pending approval from the borough planning commission.

The action taken was due to not holding up the sale until the end of October if the planning commission approves the project next week.

Panther Creek, which had been owned by Olympus Power, was built to burn coal refuse left over from mining operations for the purpose of cleaning up abandoned mine lands while producing electricity.

But with stiff competition in the energy market, waste coal power plants operate fewer days a year, meaning they burn less waste coal.


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