Coal India claims big cut in carbon emission – Times of India


Kolkata: Coal India (CIL) has claimed that its efforts to minimise carbon emissions and environmental pollution through implementation of mechanised coal transportation and loading through coal handling plants (CHP)/Silos resulted in significant reduction of carbon-di-oxide emissions and other air pollutants. This was revealed in a first-of-its-kind pilot study sponsored by CIL in two of its opencast mines.
“In a bid to reduce emissions for a cleaner environment, CIL in a major step is switching over to mechanised transportation of coal through conveyor belts and loading by CHP/Silos under its first mile connectivity (FMC) initiative. In addition to 151 million tonne (MT) of coal currently transported through this means, CIL has identified 35 coal mining projects where additionally 415 MT of coal would be loaded through environment-friendly CHP/Silos by 2023-24. To come up at an investment of around Rs 10,500 crore, FMC projects would lift the total mechanised loading quantity to 566 MT,” the company has said.
CIL is dovetailing FMC projects with main rail lines, strengthening the rail connectivity at an investment of approximately Rs 2,335 crore. The company is also investing Rs 3,750 crore, in 21 new rail sidings. “Evacuation of coal is more challenging. Silo loading compared to prevalent loading through sidings also leads to productivity gain on quality and quantity fronts,” he added.


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