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AMIThe latest research on “Global Coal Gasification Market Report 2021” offered by Absolute Markets Insights provides a comprehensive investigation into the geographical landscape, industry size along with the revenue estimation of the business. The market Study is segmented by key a region that is accelerating the marketization. Additionally, the report also highlights the challenges impeding market growth and expansion strategies employed by leading companies in the “Market”.

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The coal gasification market, in terms of volume generated, was valued at US$ XX Bn in 2020 and is expected to reach US$ XX Bn by 2030. The coal gasification market participants include CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, Sasol Limited, Siemens AG, Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. and Wildhorse Energy, Inc.

This global Coal Gasification market research analysis brings together a vast market place clearly into the focus. By understanding client’s requirements precisely and following them firmly, this Coal Gasification market research report has been structured. The report discusses the recent and future market trends and performs analysis of the impact of buyers, substitutes, new entrants, competitors, and suppliers on the market. The Coal Gasification report also has reviews about key players, major collaborations, merger & acquisitions along with trending innovation and business policies. The Coal Gasification report is generated by proper use of SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces analysis methods.

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Industry Trends

Coal Gasification is a thermo – chemical process in which coal is broken down into chemical constituents to produce a mixture gas which is known as syngas. The constituents of syngas are carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and water vapor. This syngas produced can be used for producing electricity, energy efficient fuel cell – technology and for other industrial purpose. Coal gasification process is more efficient than the traditional coal burning process since in this process the gas can be used twice. Researchers are further working on improving this technology to develop other potential applications.

Coal being the cheapest source of energy, is world’s main source of energy which provides us with quarter of our energy and electricity, further it is estimated to be used extensively in the coming years. The major challenge is to use coal as a clean source of energy. Globally many countries are using different approaches to capture their abundant coal reserves. The coal gasification process is a good option to tap the coal reserves along with recent technological advances in the process. Coal gasification process also addresses the local pollution problem which is now a major concern for most of the countries.

Underground coal gasification process is an option to produce pollution free energy, however this method is still not commercially used on a grand scale. Constant rise in global population creates the need to find greener energy resources for consumption. With new technological aid, coal gasification process is not just used in coal chemical industry but is widely used in oil refining, power generation and metallurgical industry which is a factor in enhancing the growth of this market. The cost of setting up coal gasification plant on industrial scale requires huge overall investment which can restrict the growth of the market. However, owing to the increase in adaptability and environment friendliness, coupled with social and economic growth, large scale advancement in coal gasification technology poses to be a huge opportunity for the market.

Coal Gasification Market, By Application

The fertilizer market segment in applications is estimated to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period. The syngas produced by coal gasification process contains high amount of ammonia which is required for manufacturing nitrogen based fertilizers. Thus, this process is widely used in manufacturing fertilizers in place of other traditional method which require natural gases. Increase in investment in the fertilizer manufacturing market is anticipated to aid in the overall growth of the coal gasification market. For instance, in May 2016, Phibro Group acquired SG Solution’s coal gasification plant in Indiana to repurpose it for the use fertilizer production. They invested US $450 million to produce ammonia fertilizers for the use in that region.

Coal Gasification Market, By Region

Asia Pacific region holds the highest market share of the global coal gasification market. Asia Pacific countries have the highest coal reserves which significantly drives the market in this countries. Further, with rise in population there is increase in demand of energy which will also drive the market in Asia Pacific region. Countries like China and India are taking new initiatives in developing the coal gasification technology to increase the use of this technology in different industries.

Competitive Landscape

The report provides both, qualitative and quantitative research of the market, as well as provides worthy insights into the rational scenario and favored development methods adopted by the key contenders. The report also offers extensive research on the key players in this market and detailed insights on the competitiveness of these players. The key business strategies such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), affiliations, collaborations, and contracts adopted by the major players are also recognized and analyzed in the report. For each company, the report recognizes their manufacturing base, competitors, product type, application and specification, pricing, and gross margin.

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