A journey and a race: Helping build a net zero economy



We believe economics can be an engine of change. By encouraging the world’s largest companies to transition, we can employ the economies of scale they have built to achieve net zero faster. This in turn can create investable economies which support new, sustainable technologies and businesses.

This underlines the other argument for being a net zero investor: the opportunity offered by the need for change can provide substantial, long-term reward.

Investing for net zero provides such opportunity because it requires us to focus on emerging sectors which are expected to see growing global demand. Renewable energy, green technology, carbon capture, electric vehicles and research and development will all be key for the green economy and, therefore, our client portfolios and funds.

Leslie Gent, Head of Responsible Investing at Coutts, said: “We expect to see these markets grow and mature over the long term, rewarding the early investor as financing, supply chains and whole economies move towards becoming net zero.”


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