20-50-100 Years Ago — Nov.2


People of Frederick who have not yet bought their coal for the winter are warned to do so at once. There will be a shortage of coal in January and February, according to one of the local dealers. The shortage of anthracite coal is expected to be especially scarce. The shortage, says the dealer, will be caused by the fact that there was very little coal mined during the summer months because of the demand being exceedingly light.

Dr. Lawrence Avery, U.S. veterinarian inspector, representing the Bureau of Animal Industry, Washington, is briefly engaged in this county applying the tuberculosis test to cattle under government regulations. During the past two weeks he has tested 20 herds, a total of 448 cattle. Of this number, 112 have reacted and have been condemned.

While the definite date has not been auctioned for the beginning of the work of tearing down the buildings which occupy Frederick’s new hotel site, it is understood that it will begin within the next two weeks. Already tenants are vacating the buildings in this square and are moving into new quarters. The new hotel will occupy the space of the present City Hotel, the Buffalo Hotel, Postal Telegraph office, F.K. Schmidt’s cigar store and the barber shop of James Skinner on Court street.

Frederick County’s pharmacies have an unique opportunity to aid in the battle against youthful drug addiction and Frederick County Mental Health Services Director Daniel Roff has promised the support of his department. A nationwide program enlisting the nation’s 55,000 pharmacies in the fight against drug addiction was announced Oct. 30 by the American Druggist Blue Book, sponsor of the program.

NEW DELHI — A cyclone and 16-foot tidal wave have slammed into India’s east coast, and political leaders reported the loss of 15,000 to 20,000 lives in this latest major natural disaster on the rim of the Bay of Bengal.

Excavation is scheduled to begin next week at Fort Detrick’s “Area B-11,” the site of 1950s landfills where suspected carcinogenic chemicals have leached into groundwater. The project is getting under way later than originally scheduled and will cost the Army $15 million more than previous estimates of $4.5 million. Surveys in late April revealed much larger trash pits and more chemical waste and containers than first anticipated. Trichlorethylene (TCE) and Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), used primarily as degreasing and dry cleaning agents, are the main chemicals contaminating groundwater beneath Area B-11, located at Shookstown Road and Kemp Lane.

A Frederick woman whose ex-husband died in the World Trade Center attack stole media attention from Mayor Jim Grimes at a news conference Thursday as she tearfully demanded the mayor’s “public personal apology” for exploiting the Sept. 11 tragedy in a campaign commercial. “It’s disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself,” Amy Catherine McEwan said of the mayor’s 15-minute campaign infomercial that used video clips of a jetliner crashing into the towers and the towers collapsing. Ms. McEwan’s ex-husband, John McEwan, was working in his World Trade Center office just a few stories away from where a hijacked jetliner hit.


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